We Need Your Feedback!

Happy Wednesday! We hope everyone is having a good week!

We are starting to work on our patterns for our first launch collection of jolie hart and we need your help!

After reviewing size charts for 2-5 year old girls online, we want to make sure we are choosing measurements that are representative of the jolie hart customer. If you and your child have a moment, we would love it if you could take their measurements and send them to us!

We have put together the below How To Measure guide and our estimated size chart for your reference!

Feel free to also include any comments about how clothes fit your child in general, what they like/dislike, anything at all!

If you are interested in participating you can email taylorhart.designs@gmail.com or you can comment below!

Thank you! xo


2 thoughts on “We Need Your Feedback!

  1. Hi,
    My daughter is 40 months and she is small for her age. She measures approximately 32″ but it is hard to measure her as she doesn’t stand and doesn’t straighten her legs fully. She weighs 27lbs. Chest :21″ Waist: 18.5″ Hips: 19.5″

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