Photo Request!

Photo Reuqest

Hello Everyone!

I have a favour to ask, I am looking for photos of girls age 2-5 years old that feature them playing, laughing and just being kids, but those who have the complex care jolie hart clothing is made for.

These images would be used in my portfolio, website, social media and posters which will hang in the Kwantlen Innovation Space at Health Tech Connex. I want to show everyone who walks through the space at HTC  how amazing your kids are! Having these posters hanging in the space will illustrate the design process for jolie hart, what it means to me, and the impact the clothing can make on kids with complex care needs.

If you are interested in submitting your personal photos to me for this use, you can  comment below or contact me through email at

I have a photo release form that you will need to read and sign off on. Identities of photos will be kept strictly anonymous, unless otherwise agreed upon between myself and the parents.

Thank you!

owner & creative director

**kids do NOT need to be wearing jolie hart product!**

Here is an example of how I have used past photos submitted to me from parents!

jolie hart

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