2016 | Welcome Tayler!

It’s 2016! And with a new year comes exciting new things here at jolie hart! It is my pleasure to introduce to you our new intern, Tayler!

(Yes, there’s two of us now!)

Tayler is a KPU Intern earning her work experience hours towards her degree in Fashion Design and Technology, I am so excited to have her here helping me with everything from drafting to sewing to our social media, you can read a little about Tayler below.

Welcome Tayler!

❤ ❤ ❤

Why did you choose to study fashion?

I’ve always loved art and creating things, when I was about 12 I discovered my love for sewing.  Being able to design and make things for people is very exciting.  I love seeing people comfortable and happy in what they’re wearing.  To help people express themselves is amazing.

Why did you decide to go to Kwantlen?

I chose Kwantlen because of the great friendly atmosphere at school.  Seeing grads have so much success and being able to work with them is such an amazing opportunity.

What are you most excited for?

I’m excited to put what I’ve learned at school to use in real workplace situations.  I think it’ll feel good to see what I can accomplish that maybe I didn’t think I could.



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