Wishes For #joliehart

Happy Saturday! We’re prepping for a big meeting by mapping our accomplishments and goals for #joliehart ✨We started thinking – If you could make a wish for us, what would you wish for? ✨ where would you like to see jolie hart go in the future? ✨ comment below or send us a note — sometimes wishes do come true 💙

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2 thoughts on “Wishes For #joliehart

  1. My brother has cerebral palsy and dressing him in winter is a nightmare. He has to sit and sweat in his coat waiting for his ride every day, or risk missing his bus if we have to put on his coat while they’re waiting. Would you consider designing a coat for him? He’s a 38 year old with killer style!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Inquiries for custom requests has grown since jolie hart launched in November 2015. In order to accommodate these requests, in the coming months we will begin to explore the potential of a custom program! In the interim, I would be interested to learn more about what type of design needs your brother would require to make him more comfortable. Please feel free to stay in touch with us through email, our website or social media. I look forward to working with you in the future.


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