Shop Update!

We have an awesome new shop update to tell you about! We have consolidated all of our individual size listings into 1 easy to navigate listing! Simply click on the item you like and select your size, the inventory counter will tell you when a size is sold out or unavailable : ) There isContinue reading “Shop Update!”

Spring / Summer 2017 is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! By far my favorite styles are in this new collection! SHOP NOW Here’s what you need to know: 💙They’re brighter, bolder and more inclusive than EVER before 💙Sizing is LIMITED – some styles only come in certain sizes so shop quick! 💙Check the listing carefully – there are some customization optionsContinue reading “Spring / Summer 2017 is Here!”

Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feb 6 – 10!

February 6 – 10 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Back in Fall 2012, when I first started to conceptualize TAYLORHART.DESIGNS I contacted the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation for information on tubes and if their Facebook followers would be willing to give me some first hand feedback. They were so amazing to work with and were ableContinue reading “Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feb 6 – 10!”

Member Exclusive Valentine’s Day Sale

 Member Exclusive Be Our Valentine Sale We’ll be having an email member exclusive 25% off sale for Valentine’s Day Jan 25 -27 (so your little one can wear their item on the day!) You can sign up right here: — make sure you complete the process in full and just by joining you’ll receiveContinue reading “Member Exclusive Valentine’s Day Sale”

New! Email List | Join us for exclusive content!

  Have you heard!? We have an email list! Back in November we held a customer feedback survey and almost everyone who responded asked for an email list!  (You didn’t take our survey? You still can here!) I asked, you answered, WE DID IT! Sign up now and you’ll receive a 10% off coupon codeContinue reading “New! Email List | Join us for exclusive content!”