a warm thank you to our customers for the wonderful feedback on jolie hart!

❤ ❤ ❤

Hart Dress

“The fit was like it had been measured and fitted by the seamstress. To have achieved such a snug fit, purely by giving limited dimensions and minimal health needs is a true gift! The materials used were exceptionally soft and more importantly light weight!! When putting on over my daughters peg-jej and double lumen Hickman line- both my daughter and I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom*. The easy use poppers [snaps] made dressing around lines/tubes speedier. The side access to a dress in particular is so novel. My daughter has a line/tube used 24hrs a day. This NORMALY won’t allow a dress to be worn without the garment being hiked up as the line is pulled from chest/abdomen and fed into a backpack. The poppers [snaps] allowed for NO skirt lifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy little lady.”

“Already spreading the word about this talented, forward thinking, exceptional young lady. I hope to see this brand stretch to fit my daughter as she grows!!!!!!”

– Fall 2015 Advisory Council Member Mom Lisa, London England

“I found the dress super easy to put on and made access to the mic-key sight perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing! I especially loved the the labels because they don’t stick out or scratch her back.”

– Fall 2015 Advisory Council Member Mom Claudia, Vancouver BC

❤ ❤ ❤

Wheelie Hart Hoodie

“We loved it! Perfect for her when she’s in the chair. She seemed a lot more comfortable in that compared to typical goodies that are quite bulky in the neck and shoulders and affects her neck support on the chair. The oversize buttons make putting it on and taking it off super easy. I love the snap buttons! The option of removing the back piece is a wonderful function! Never realized how much bulk other sweaters added. The slits on the side work perfecting for her tubing. It is an incredibly well thought out piece of clothing for a girl in a chair with a tube!”

– Fall 2015 Advisory Council Member Mom Krystal, Vancouver BC

❤ ❤ ❤

Snappy Tubie T

“No difficulties at all. The top was way too adorable , didn’t look like a medical need shirt at all which I personally loved. She was rocking that feeding tube with a snappy t in style:)”

“I would recommend it to any family with special needs. I know many boys from my special needs group that have a gtube I’m sure if you ever do boy clothing they would love it. I have made holes in all Naylahs winter pajama because of not easy access. Some outfit she can not wear out of the house otherwise I would have to take it all off to access the feeding tube. Not with a Jolie hart items and by the pictures of all the other items seems like it was a huge success ! Way to go. Great product. We love it and can’t wait to see all new product Jolie hart will come up with. We are huge fans.”

– Fall 2015 Advisory Council Member Mom Daniella, Texas USA

❤ ❤ ❤

Tubie T

“What a gorgeous piece! My daughter who has SPD and autism loved the feel and the fact there was no snaps or tags or buttons to get in the way. She actually began showing off her gtube for the first time since she got it almost 3 months ago. Loved the colors and fabric!”

“LOVED being a part of the Jolie Hart Advisory Council. Shipping was an issue with our first top but you were so on top of everything and we love both shirts we received. I have already recommended the brand to a friend with a daughter who has a Gtube and she can’t wait to shop!!”

– Fall 2015 Advisory Council Member Mom Caitrin, New Hampshire USA

❤ ❤ ❤

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